Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Viruses

Last week I had the pleasure of wrangling 20 preschool and kindergarden-age children (including 5 sets of multiples and their siblings) to film a video called “Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Viruses” for one of my clients.

In addition to writing the script, recruiting the “talent” and managing a hectic day of filming in mid-town Palo Alto, I got to order the pizza, feed the restless natives, and corral the children along with their parents to and from the “staging area” while also overseeing the script with the director. Talk about a full day of work! 🙂

Despite all the craziness of the filming process itself, I must admit this one was of the most fun days at work I’ve had in a long time! It was a pleasure watching four-, five- and six-year-old children deliver their lines on cue and also crack up nervously in front of the camera. You’d think these kids would be nervous, but most of them were not and in fact a few of them were complete hams in front of the camera — future Brad Pitts and Angelinas, for sure!

Many thanks go out to the mothers who worked so patiently to help steer the talent in the right direction. In addition, special thanks to the Mid-Peninsula Parents of Multiples Club, and Akemi Bourgeois of Silicon Valley Moms Blog and Mad About Multiples Blog for helping recruit families with multiples!  Though not all the children got to be in the final commercial cut, there is a very cute group shot at the end which gives the video it’s name. Check it out on the Immunet YouTube channel or here:

Please be a friend and pass it along, because Friends Don’t LetFriends Get Viruses!

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