I believe


I believe in eating dessert first and often, in laughing freely even when alone, in singing out loud to radio tunes and dancing like nobody’s watching.

I believe in working smart, playing hard, and doing what you love. I believe that when you’re doing the work you’re meant to be doing it feels like joyful creation, and not Work. Heed your calling and trust your gut.

I believe in being good to myself because nobody else has the power to make me happy. Once I embraced this truth, my life mate showed up. Don’t be a missing piece, be The Big O.

I believe that life is too short to settle for ‘good enough’, and to live it to the fullest requires taking risks, making mistakes and sometimes getting hurt…but hey, you’ll learn a ton about yourself in the process.

I believe curiosity keeps the mind young, and community keeps the heart young.

I believe that good relationships with family and friends contribute more to happiness than all the worldly goods that money could buy, and that unconditional love is truly priceless.

I believe the fastest way to appreciate your own parents is to become a parent yourself. I believe that having my own children teaches me every day what it means to be truly human.

I believe in karma, in getting what you give, in giving more than you take, and in paying it forward.

I believe in creating your own luck. I also believe in having the humility to realize when luck is a gift from the Universe and has nothing to do with your hard work.

I believe in paying attention, in being here now, and feeling gratitude for every moment of this wonderful thing called life.

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