Put an end to boring conference calls with Uber Conference

Don’t you just hate your conference call service? Are you done trying to figure out who is talking or telling that guy to go find his mute button? Are you tired of the chronically late dialers who don’t realize you’ve been waiting with boring hold music for ten minutes, and keep repeating the same bad conference call behavior every single week? I am!

So I‘ve been using visual phone conferencing service Uber Conference for over a month now since discovering the product won Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC in May. The service totally rocks. It’s free and you can ‘unlock’ premium features by linking the service to your social network accounts. While it’s currently invite only, you can sign up with my secret special link and you’ll be put on The List: http://uberconference.com/zB7eSryw

UberConference gives you a personal conference call number, call recording, plus a nifty visual people dashboard showing the faces of all your attendees – you’ll know exactly who has joined your conference call, and who is currently talking. I love the call stats showing who talked the most and the least, and the duration of call in minutes. I’m hoping they’ll do attendee ratings so you can tag an attendee’s photo and vote for who was the least boring, the most funny, or used the most business jargon. It’s the one conference call service where you actually don’t mind being on hold to join a call – the hold music is hilarious.

The service is now integrated with my favorite cloud service, Evernote, so you can save your conference notes in one place along with call information, link to recordings, and photos of people in the call. Ever cool!

Use it for one conference call and you’ll wonder why someone didn’t think of this sooner. Call quality is awesome, as the service was built by founder CEO Craig Walker of  Google Voice and Yahoo Voice (formerly Grand Central and Dialpad, respectively). Talk about solid telecommunications DNA – the people building Uber Conference are like a SWAT team of telephony veterans who hail from all the right places. Plus, from the tone of their product videos, they look like a fun and jovial bunch and are poised to liven up the space of voice as a service. Who said the business of communications had to be boring?

Look for more good things to come as the product evolves, fueled by the infusion of $15M in new venture capital from the likes of Andreesseen Horowitz and Google Ventures.

Check out this video to find out why you need Uber Conference:

Join now to put an end to boring conference calls and liven up the meeting for your coworkers.

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