Imagine if you loved your Mondays again!


How much do you love your Monday mornings? If you are fortunate enough to be doing the work you love, you might approach Monday mornings full of excitement for what the week holds. Perhaps you’re the founder of your own company, or running your own small business.

If you don’t love your job, Monday mornings can be tough. How psyched you feel about going to work on Mondays is an important barometer for job satisfaction. If you’ve had years of unhappy Mondays, it might be time to consider a shift in your work or your chosen employer.

Imagine what it would take to love your Mondays again. Do you want to do your same job but work with different people? What if you had more job autonomy and the freedom to work from anywhere? What if you spent less time sitting at your desk, and more time connecting with people? What if you could hand-pick the team you want to work with every day? What if your compensation was based on your performance instead of based on office politics? What if you could be your own boss? What if you had full control of how you spend your time and who you spend it with?

If you’re exploring new opportunities and wish you could find a way to work for yourself but don’t know where to start — whether you’re in a job where you love your Mondays, or in a job where you don’t.  Connect with me and let’s talk! I’m passionate about helping people grow to their full potential, and am recruiting a team of people to work with me as cloud consultants. Find out more.

Don’t let this be you for much longer:

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