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DeniseprofileI’m a passionate entrepreneur focused on helping people and businesses grow to their full potential. I’ve been involved in over a dozen technology startups and corporations spanning mobile, online advertising, e-commerce, enterprise software, security applications, social media software and healthcare (life sciences and digital health). My former companies include Accenture, AT&T Wireless, LinkExchange (acquired by Microsoft), mobileID, SEVEN Networks, Immunet (acquired by Sourcefire), SafetyWeb/myID (acquired by Experian) and RingCentral (RNG).  I led marketing and partnerships for Startup Grind, a global startup community that aims to educate, connect and inspire entrepreneurs around the world.

I was Chief Marketing Officer for DayOne, a center for new and expectant parents in the Bay Area. I also founded a prenatal health services practice supporting hundreds of new parents during pregnancy and birth as a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator and prenatal massage and Pilates instructor.

I obtained my B.S. in Economics from Smith College. I actively mentor young women in technology. I’m a mother of boy/girl twins and two Savannah cats.

Get to know me more and find out what I believe in. Connect with me through LinkedIn, Twitter or email me at denise @ alumnae.smith.edu. I’d love to hear from you.

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Professional Testimonials

“Denise is someone that I enjoyed working with and learning from. Her energy knows no bounds. She is optimistic in the face of the greatest pressure. Her skillset and insight into solutions for customers and partners resulted in significant increase in sales and revenue. She organized the sales program for our organization of 60 brand reps around the world. She’s exactly the type of person you want on your team. Her passion and drive to build a lasting company is infectious and I highly recommend her.”  Derek Andersen, Founder, Startup Grind

“Passion, Fire, Energy, Connected – if someone asked me to explain Denise to them in 4 words – these would be the first that come to mind. Denise loves what she does and is very good at it. I would highly recommend Denise” Dave DeMink, Director of Sales, RingCentral

“Denise is easily one of the sharpest marketing specialists I’ve ever had the good fortune of working with. She’s collaborative, knowledgeable, responsive and professional. She also has that passionate connection to her trade and an anthropological fascination with how people relate to a product or service. I’ve been extremely impressed with Denise’s resourcefulness, a quality that’s incredibly valuable to businesses of any size. I’ve seen her accomplishments that are bigger and better than what’s routinely done by companies with much larger staff and budget.” Magdalena Jusko, Creative Director, RingCentral

“Denise is a walking PR and social media power house. With her network of vast social media and PR contacts Denise can get any company on the map propelling them onto the next level. Coupled with Denise’s ability to create a buzz in the industry her easy going, energetic, and fun loving attitude makes it that much easier to work with her. ” Mark Hong, Director of Product Marketing, RingCentral

“Denise is a get-it-done-now type of person. She motivates people around her with her contagious enthusiasm and drive. Her energy and ability to ask tough questions are a few of the many positive traits I encountered as her colleague. Denise is an extremely passionate and thoughtful PR marketing professional” Poppy Blautzik, SEO Manager, RingCentral

“Denise is a passionate, dedicated and energetic professional who is a master at her trade. More importantly, she delivers results! She is one of the top PR / Social Media experts that I’ve worked with.” Bonnie Lam, Senior Director – Channel & Franchise Sales, RingCentral

“Denise is able to quickly grasp what a company needs and navigate through various personalities and opportunities to get things done. Most important, Denise has an optimistic, can-do attitude that rubs off on those who work with her.”  Jason Mandell, Co-Founder, Principal, LaunchSquad

“Denise is a go-getter. She will make things happen. Once given a project, you can be sure she will get it done and get it done well. You can count on her to deliver.” Pam Weber, Founder and CEO of weeDecor

“Denise is a take no-prisoner dynamo. She has a killer combination of confidence, strong analytical skills, and persuasion. She’s extremely results oriented and completely self directed. She fearlessly attacks each challenge with gusto and seems to relish being thrown into the fire. At LinkExchange we desperately needed ad sales help. Despite zero ad sales experience, Denise took the challenge and within 6 months became our top sales producer. When Denise tackles a problem, I know that her solution will always be thoroughly researched and comprehensive. She’s someone you’re thrilled to have on your team.”  Alan Shusterman, Director of Product Management, LinkExchange

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